The Urthema String Quartet was formed in the summer of 2006 when Daniel, Zachary and Nicole were still students at St. Olaf College--Greg graduated in the spring of 2005.  All were members of the St. Olaf Orchestra.  We all have previous experience in other small ensembles, but inspired by nontraditional string groups like the Turtle Island String Quartet, we set out to play more than just classical music.

We have available to us virtually every wedding standard, a large variety of classical string quartets, holiday favorites, and jazz.  In addition to the many jazz standards we play, a substantial portion of our jazz repertoire is composed or arranged by members of the quartet. 

We are available for hire for a variety of events such as weddings, receptions, parties, and banquets.  Our rates vary based on the size of the ensemble and length of the service.  We also ask that we be compensated for the cost of gas.  For a comprehensive pricing list, go to our contact page.

We are based in Minneapolis, but are able to travel.  In general, we are willing to play within in a two hour radius of the Twin Cities as long as we are compensated for the cost of gas.  That includes central and southern Minnesota, as well as Western Wisconsin. 

Although we are keen on traveling, we like to perform locally as much as possible.  When the weather permits, we enjoy performing outdoors, and can occasionally be spotted playing at the Lake Harriet rose gardens and Minnehaha Falls.